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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fleece Lined Coat and Waders from MAP

Thermal Jacket and Waders

100% polyester hydrophilic fabric with micro porous coating. Breathable and waterproof to ENV343 standard. Fold away, fully adjustable peaked hood. Fleece neck warmer collar. Fully taped sealed seams.

Fleece lined handwarmer pockets.
Tailored fit with elasticated waist. Adjustable Neoprene storm cuffs. Teflon coated shoulder pad reinforcements protect the jacket from wear due to carry straps.
Storm flaps protect all exterior zips and pockets. Two large front bellows pockets. Zipped pocket on sleeve. Adjustable shoulder straps. Fleece lined handwarmer pockets. 3 large outer pockets. Zipped leg gussets for adjusting ankle width. Reinforced, Teflon coated seat,knees and ankle patches for extra durability. Heavy duty,storm flap protected, 2 way main zip featuring padded zip pullers.

To find out more click here or to see the Full Range Please Click here

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Thermal Winter Boots for Fishing

Keeping warm this winter is a must for all anglers. Whether your sat on th bank for a few hours or an all dayer, you must keep wrapped up!

These new thermal boots from Korda are watrproof and lined to give you a great chance of keeping your size 9's nice and toasty.

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Environment Agency Wales introduces disadvantaged young people to fishing

Learning to fish can mean more than knowing what bait to use to catch the right fish, as pupils from Brynllywarch School, near Newtown, found out after completing a course run by Environment Agency Wales.

Brynllywarch School is a school for disadvantaged young people who have behavioural problems and learning difficulties. Eleven pupils from the school spent 5 months learning about the life of fish and how to catch them in an Open College Network (OCN) Introduction to Angling Course earlier this year.

The course included classroom based theory sessions and practical fishing days with Agency staff. The pupils also had to undergo a written and practical examination to gain the OCN qualification. Portfolios compiled by the pupils have been sent away, assessed and returned with the pupils receiving a certificate for their achievements. All are now rod licence holders with a new interest that will stay with them throughout their lives.

15 year old Scott had this to say about the course: "We had a fishing test at Blue Bell Park. There were about 10 of us, Mr Hobbs, Mr Bowen and Dick the fishing tutor were there. I caught 50 fish! We all got a certificate for passing the Environment Agency test. And we all passed the course. Some got better marks than others but the important thing was that we all passed. I enjoyed the course and I loved taking part in all the sessions. Dick the fishing tutor was funny, but a really good teacher. He taught us loads. He taught me how to use a disgorger properly and unhook the fish. It was good and I recommend it to all keen young fishermen."

The course began with the pupils looking after their very own salmon eggs. They were responsible for their care and well being as they hatched into young salmon fry that were eventually released by the pupils into the River Severn. The classroom theory sessions gave the pupils lessons in biology, chemistry and maths as they gained knowledge about the fish, their environment and how to catch them. Several practical lessons at Sawmill Pools and Bluebell Park fisheries in Powys gave the young people a chance to put theory into practice as they took their first steps as novice anglers.

Dave Hobbs, the Head of Behavioural Support at the school had set up an angling club for the young people at the school. The pupils were responsible for running the club and managing its accounts. Dave Hobbs said: “To see our pupils sitting quietly at the waterside concentrating on the float for hours is remarkable considering some of their previous behaviour records - no bickering or falling out - if only we could replicate this in classrooms throughout the country!”

“Responsible behaviour is expected by the fishing group and we certainly get it whether it be respect for the countryside code, correctly handling the fish and the tackle. Most of the equipment has been bought by the club members and so it is jointly owned. To pay for it and the outings they collect subs, manage the accounts and run a proper credit union for the benefit of everyone in the group. So thanks to fishing we reckon that this is what schools should be about - real skills for real lives."

This is only the ninth OCN Introduction to Angling course that has been delivered across the UK. It is already proving a massive hit with the young people and Agency staff involved. The course has been funded from the Welsh Assembly Government’s Sustainable Fisheries Project. Resources were also provided using funds from Rod Licence fees.

Clare Quigley, who organised the course for Environment Agency Wales, said: “This course has been so rewarding for everyone involved. Helping these young people to become young anglers has been such an experience for me and the rest of our staff. Paying for a rod licence can mean so much more than giving you the right to go fishing. The fees are invested back into the sport, either to improve facilities for established anglers or to get more people interested in fishing as we have done here. For me, seeing these young people, who may have had difficulties in the past, get so much from the course has been fantastic. The idea to set up the angling club for the school is one we had to support. “The benefits of angling can be so much more rewarding than just landing a big fish.”

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Snap on Hook Length..

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Method Feeder Fishing at Winter

Middy's Method Feeder

As we all know, method feeders work great with pellets, ground bait, chopped up boilies, and pretty much anything that will stick.

As i said in previous posts, the trick this winter is to feed very little and often. Fishing about 10m out from your peg will usually result in some skimmers, and other silvers!

I personally like to put together a mix of small pellets, casters with maybe a little Gunk into the mix to give a nice consistency that will keep nice and solid in the cast, but break up as fish attack it.

For the hook bait, you can't go too wrong with a caster / worm. Also keep the hook length down to make sure that you get a decent take. Even if your fishery has banned the use of the elastic models, and need to use the inline feeder, keep the hook length to about 6" to ensure that your hook and bait is right there when the fish are hammering the bait.

For a wide range of baits have a look in our shop here or a huge range of feeders here

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Winter Carp Fishing - 3 Pack of Buzzers

As bites don't come that often in the winter, its always best to make sure that you dont miss a bite. Remember at this time of year the you need to choose an Alarm to with stand the cold and excessive damp conditions.

Also we like to think that if you have more than 1 rod out your chances of catching fish are multiplied.  We have seen these great bite alarms, and even include:
  • 3 x Bite Alarms
  • 1 x Receiver
So with this nice bit of kit you can set 3 rods up (nice rod pods here), 3 alarms and relax nicely in your Bivvi waiting for that run.

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Get Comfy this winter fishing chairs and Beds

Personally i prefer a nice chair, with a back rest, arm rests, padding etc... But Bob much prefers the box. Every time we go fishing i sit comfortably in my lovely chair and Bob is perched at a perfect right angle dragging his pole in and out with ease.

This type of choice is what makes Anglers so unique compared to other sports... its all about being comfortable, and lets be honest we all want to be comfy if we're going to be sat down for a day!

So we're going to show you a really good fishing chair offer thats buzzing around and run through some of its features.

The Bank Boss Chair

Once again developed by Matt Hayes this cheap and cheerful chair is packed with features, and is definately on my Christmas List!

Highly padded, arm rests, and extra bits including:
  • Tripod Feeder Arm
  • Buzz Bars
  • Rear Rest
  • Rod Rest Set
  • Umbrella Arm
As you can see this little beauty of a chair looks good enough to sit in. Its only £69.99, and believe me when i say this... theres more expensive ones out there that don't even compare!

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